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Teacher Trainings: Service

Standards for S.U.P Yoga Teacher Trainings:

  • As a prerequisite, S.U.P Yoga Instructors must have at least their 200 RYT before receiving continuing education and certification in Stand Up Paddle Yoga.

  • S.U.P Yoga Instructors must be CPR and First Aid Certified upon completion of their Stand up Paddle Yoga Teacher Training.

  • S.U.P Yoga Instructors will demonstrate and obtain knowledge on water safety.

  • S.U.P Yoga Instructors will learn various anchor systems, that can be used to teach stand up paddle yoga classes.

  • S.U.P Yoga Instructors will learn basic yoga sequences that can be taught with on land stand up paddle yoga classes as well as with on water stand up paddle yoga classes.

  • S.U.P Yoga Instructors will obtain knowledge of anatomy, benefits and contraindications for basic stand up paddle yoga asanas.

  • S.U.P Yoga Instructors upon completion of their stand up paddle yoga certification, will be able to teach and demonstrate proper paddling form and technique.

  • S.U.P Yoga Instructors will reflect the eight limbs into their teaching practices on land and on the water.

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