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From boards, to clothing companies. Our friends have taken their love of Stand Up Paddle Boarding, community service, health & wellness, and they have applied it into amazing products, and industries.



  • Boga: At Boga, we live and breathe Stand Up Paddle Boarding. If we are not out on the water riding our boards we are here working hard designing the next best board shape and paddle so you can.

  • Cedar Boat Works: We provide top quality cedar boards for SUP Yoga, Stand Up PaddleBoarders, and Water Sport Athletes. Our boards are made of sustainable Western Red Cedar, designed and engineered for extreme accuracy and quality performance. Constructed with airplane wing / flat panel technique, our boards allow for design customization, creating a breathtaking and lightweight yoga board. Unparalleled in beauty, masterfully designed and exceptionally lightweight, Cedar’s boards are everything a board should be.

  • Laird StandUp Paddle Boards by Laird Hamilton. Laird is a surfing legend and has brought all of his knowledge to provide the best stand up paddle boards in the industry. 

      Founded by Hawaiian Pro Designs team rider, surf & SUP enthusiast Noah Shimabukuro. We              specialize in carrying Hawaiian Pro Designs Surfboards and Accessories and can answer any            questions or concerns you may have. Check out our new online store for the latest fins, apparel,          or Donald Takayama creations. 


      An Online SUP Shop. Stand On Liquid stand up paddle board company offers sales on brand            name paddle boards and offers SUP rentals in Bend, Oregon.

Balance Trainers: 


      THE BOARD SPORT FOR EVERYONE EVERYWHERE! Indo Board was founded with the mission           of bringing the fun and benefits of balance training to everyone. The Original Indo (derived from         the word indoor) Board was designed to be used indoors so that everyone from kids to                     professional surfers to senior adults could enjoy the benefits of balance training and balance               board exercises.


  • Kahuna Creations: The inventor of Land Paddling otherwise known as Street SUP or Street Stand Up Paddling. Kahuna Creations builds Master Crafted Longboards and Land Paddles.




  • Amari Activewear: At Amari we believe in living with a harmonious balance of strength, comfort, and style while pursuing a healthy and active lifestyle. We believe in the importance of ease and versatility. That’s why we created an everyday wardrobe for the modern woman. The health conscious woman. The empowered woman.

  • Mahiku: Mahiku Activewear is a Hawaii based company created by two girls who have been paddleing since they were kids. We specialize in making activewear that can be used in and out of the water. Our signature product is our Kini Capri which is made of Bikini Material and is meant to be worn where a bikini can be worn and beyond. The Kini Capri is low cut, quick drying, with a flatlock stitch design and a hidden crotch panel. Perfect for SUP Yoga, swimming, SUP, Surfing, Running etc. We make our Kini capris in 60 different prints and color combinations so there is a pant for everyone.

  • Sweet Waterwear:  Sweet Waterwear specializes in making the finest Peformance Paddlewear for Standup Paddling, SUP-Yoga, SUP Fitness & racing and other surface watersports. Sweet Waterwear is also highly versatile all around activewear that can pull double duty as your regular yoga, pilates studio /gym workout clothes and it also works for running, cycling, spinning and almost any type of active wear. It’s what the Pro’s wear, so get your Sweet on today and check out our website.


  • Yogi Tunes:  Stream the world’s best yoga music curated by top DJs and teachers. Access exclusive DJ mixes and create your own customized practice-perfect playlists.


      With My Own Two Hands Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is focused on            bringing the yoga and sport communities together in order to help inspire positive social change          on a local and global level. Our goal is to advocate activism within these athletic communities to        help those in need. Specifically, we take volunteer teams out to Africa to help support and build          orphanages and supply food and running water for kids who have lost their parents to HIV/AIDS.


      Stand Up Paddle Industry Association (SUPIA) is the trade organization of all stand up paddle             businesses: Manufacturers, Retailers, Service Providers (Instructors, Guides, Race Directors, Event         Planners, Certifiers), Media, Sales Reps, Distributors, Suppliers, etc. SUPIA strives to move                   standup paddling forward in a positive direction, while improving each member’s individual               business.

  •  SUP Connect: Connecting Paddlers Around the World. Supconnect is your connection to the stand up paddle community. A leading SUP Magazine and Social Network, with tips, events, news, photos, videos, and more.

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